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Perspectives on Women’s Health Issues

Women have a long list of potential issues that may be separate or connected that affect their overall health. Menstruation, pregnancy, hormone changes, cancer prevention, birth control, depression, work or home stress, osteoporosis, breast feeding, violence, child care and care for aging parents all become part of the list at one time or another. In consideration of this plethora of issues, it is often difficult for a women to pinpoint where might be the best place to start a personal health program.

One common factor with everyone is food. Americans in general tend to place little emphasis on health changes related to food. Good food is critical for good health. Food is the fuel and raw material needed for rebuilding and repairing tissue damage from daily wear and tear. It is important to choose quality food ingredients as well as foods that produce high energy and to avoid inflammatory foods that are associated with cancer, depression, and pain.

Exercise is another health-inducing behavior. Any exercise that causes an increase in heart and breathing rate and generates a little sweat is good. A few aches and pains the day after is normal but avoid exercise if it causes the body to hurt too much or for too long afterwards. Some people prefer going to the gym, others like to work with a trainer. Many walk, run or play an active sport. Whatever a person’s initial condition, exercise will usually improve it.

There are many paths and decisions to make when it comes to choices of food and exercise, but each choice, for each individual, is a personal experiment. Choosing whether or not to eat bread, get an immunization, take a preventive medication, use birth control, take bio-identical hormones—the list is endless.

If a person’s lifestyle results in good health and fitness, then there is no need for change. But if there are health issues, it is time for individual homework and effort. Health issues can have many sources including genetic factors, lifestyle, food choices and/or life’s stresses. Fortunately, there is a tremendous amount of information available to research online. By surveying information from multiple, well-regarded sources, a person can be reasonably certain the information is correct. By also compiling patterns of advice from both conventional and alternative medicine sources, excellent advice can be obtained without excessive effort.

Hal S. Blatman, M.D., is the founder and medical director of Blatman Health and Wellness Center in Cincinnati. He also maintains an office in Manhattan. For more information, call 513-956-3200 or visit

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