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Women, Stress, and Hormone Health

Becky Appelfeller

Becky Appelfeller

There is no shortage of evidence showing that stress impacts health. The endocrine system, heart and mind are closely interlinked, and a person’s mental state can have a significant influence on body systems, general health and hormone balance.

Treating stress-related hormone problems requires a holistic (whole-body) approach to address the causes of the excess stress. Such causes may be from unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as a poor diet or lack of exercise, as well as body changes due to aging. The result can be hormone levels that are out of balance. Hormones control nearly all bodily functions. When they are skewed away from the body normal, many undesired symptoms occur and hormone therapy may become necessary. However, many hormone imbalances can be corrected by eliminating their causes. Lifestyle changes, including these listed below can go a long way towards addressing hormone problems.

Exercise regularly with emphasis on core strength and aerobic health.

Listen to the body and rest when tired. This can include resting periods during the day including short naps. Massage therapy can also be very helpful for relaxation and rejuvenation.

For improved gastrointestinal health, eat a healthy nutrient-dense diet combined with a good probiotics product. Eliminate sugar, processed foods and wheat.

Support immune and adrenal systems by detoxifying chemicals and heavy metals from the body with complex homeopathy, footbaths, infra-red sauna or laser (stress) allergy treatments.

Use strategies to address current stress and past emotional traumas that significantly impact healthy endocrine function such as: integrative emotional work that incorporates bodywork "tapping", NET and EFT. These can be very helpful for decreasing anxiety, depression and cortisol levels.

Finally, spending some time outside getting plenty of natural sunlight exposure and contact with nature can help calm the body and significantly reduce stress.

Once a healthy lifestyle is achieved, any lingering issues with balancing stress hormones or adrenal function can be addressed by a qualified healthcare professional such as; a chiropractor, naturopath or medical doctor well-versed in bio-identical hormones.

Becky Appelfeller is a certified Bio-Energetic Practitioner and certified Creating Life Wellness Coach with more than 20 years experience helping individuals to improve their health through better choices and reducing stressors that impede healing. She is also a certified Rubenfeld practitioner and a certified Gestalt therapist with advanced training for working with groups, couples and families. Her practice is Southern Ohio Holistic Wellness Center located at 10501 Success Lane, Centerville. For more information, call 937-478-9053, email, or visit

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